Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Blog (yes.... another....)

I know, it's terrible. Enough is enough I said last time but noooooo.... here's yet another blog. I started this one ages ago but never posted to it. It was more about the things I like in general. I don't know if this time this blog will work but I'll have a go. It really depends on whether I like my new project or not.
Let me tell you about my new adventure... it's soap. After selling my cards on an Autumn market for garden lovers I wondered how I could attract more customers and offer something else, besides the cards and prints. I came up with the idea of soap. Yes, I know.... so many people are already making their own soap and selling them all over the Internet and at markets. That's one of the reasons I never started it. It seems like fun though. And if it won't work out, well... I'll figure out something else. I also thought it would be time consuming and difficult. Having read some blogs and viewed some great video tutorials, I am now ready to try it too.

The first soap I would like to offer is a gardener's soap. I think a nice bag with handmade soap, some rescue salve and a small sachet with flower seeds could be a fun little gift idea for every gardener. Of course all products will feature one of my drawings on the label.
So, one kind of soap for now. I am searching the Internet for discussions, blogs and other shops that are making and selling soaps for ideas and inspiration. Since I'm on holiday now, I will have to wait until I'm back home to order my first supplies to test my very first batch. However I do have in my mind, sort of, what I want in this gardener's soap. It's really fun to figure it out. And also what I don't want. Now this evening, while I was surfing the net again, I found a nice website where they have been selling a soap like I had in mind. For some reason none of their items are in stock. But they did still have the photo on it and a description of the soap. Very much like my ideal soap. You can see it up here in this post. Looks yummy eh?

Now I'm sure my first batch of soap will be a total disaster but I will try a few times before giving up. I will try to keep you (and myself) posted. After all, this blog is more like a diary for my soap making mistakes and hopefully also the perfect soaps I'll be aiming for.

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